The home of the Arabian Indigenous Horses, the theme of founding Al-Nayfat Stud in the Arabian Peninsula at the Saudi Capital, Riyadh. The work based on fetching the best Indigenous Arabian Horses from all over the world and to produce and nationalize them in their original home in order to become the main base for the participation in racing courses competitions of Arabian Horse Beauty which God Almighty Wonderfully Created and Composed. The early participations of Al-Nayfat Stud in Arabian Horse show was at Al-Khalidiah Festival 2009. Here we stood on the trends of distinction which is the trait of our predecessors and their glories and the lantern of our present time. This visions presents the essence of what have culminated to by the Arabian horses in the blend of their strain and halters due to the unique care by their lovers at Al Nayfat Stud.

Naif Bin Mohammed Al Mubark